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RE: graduate schools

I can't think of any schools that offer a specific M.S. in vertebrate
paleontology via a bio department. . .but there are certainly schools where
you could work on paleo for your master's. Check out the links on the SVP
webpage for a reasonably thorough listing of vertebrate paleontology
graduate programs:


As an additional plug for the SVP website, we also have lists of cheap
housing near major museums (please send me additional info/recommendations
if you have them!) and vert paleo-related meetings. In the near future, look
for a listing of granting agencies for paleo research. . .

And, if anyone out there on the DML knows of a grad program that's not
listed, please email me and I'll rectify the situation!


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> Hello,
> I am wondering if anyone can name for me or provide a list of schools in
> the
> U.S. that offer an M.S. in vertebrate paleontology thorugh their biology
> department.
> Thanks very much.