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Re: Registration

>>   It can't be a nomen nudum unless it's published.
> If it's published, but not validly published, it's a nomen nudum under the
> ICZN. If it's published but not validly published under the PhyloCode, it's
> simply nothing under the PhyloCode.
    I don't see the difference. A nomen nudum under the ICZN has no validity
- the term 'nomen nudum' exists only to describe such names. As such, nomina
nuda don't compete for homynymy, priority, etc., and can't be used in place
of nomina valida described later. 'Nomen nudum' or some similar term would
still be used under PhyloCode for names which haven't been validly published
(and what happens if a name is published but not registered? Doesn't that
actually leave even more scope for 'nomina nuda'?)


        Christopher Taylor