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Re: Major new paper on dromaeosaurids, with other significant maniraptoran info

Nick Gardner wrote-

> --- Tim Williams wrote:
> < Senter et al. (2004) re-interpret the element
> described by Perle et al. (1999) as a second pedal
> ungual as a first manual ungual. >
> If this is the case, then what supported placing
> Achillobator in the Droameosauridae in their analysis?

Deinonychosauria- proximoventral heel on pedal phalanx II-1.
dromaeosaur- dorsally displaced maxillary fenestra.
mesial serrations present, high DSDI (I question the latter).
basal constriction of anterior teeth absent.
high cervical neural spines.
stalked posterior dorsal parapophyses.
distal caudal prezygopophyses longer than centra.
metatarsal II ginglymoid.
pedal phalanx II-2 <200% length of distal condylar eminence.
Dromaeosauridae- dorsal neural spines >1.5x taller than anteroposteriorly
acromion does not overhang scapula anteriorly.
large angle between dorsal and proximal margins of manual ungual I.
obturator process more proximally placed.
metatarsus length <4x proximal transverse width.
And more characters placing it in dromaeosaurid subclades.

Also, I forgot to mention Senter et al.'s new phylogenetic definitions-

Troodontidae - (Troodon <-Ornithomimus, Mononykus, Therizinosaurus,
Velociraptor, Oviraptor, Aves)
Microraptoria - (Microraptor <- Velociraptor, Dromaeosaurus)

Mickey Mortimer
Undergraduate, Earth and Space Sciences
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