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Re: new BBC program(me)

On Sun, 29 Aug 2004, Ken Carpenter wrote:
> [...]
>  I was flown to London last Sunday (thanks BBC!) to continue filming,
> using a moveable aluminum tail that they had reconstructed. The tail
> whacked a turkey, which was a stunt-double for a Velociraptor (I hope
> the footage doesn't end up on the cutting room floor). The turkey went
> flying; it did not explode as I had hoped (maybe we should have used
> primer cord like Hollywood does?). A side of pig (stand in for a
> larger theropod) was also whacked and that was impressive. The ribs
> were fractured and the broken ends pushed into the chest cavity. They
> would certainly have resulted in a punctured lung. Moral of the story:
> ankylosaur tail clubs are dangerous!

Not to be too picky, but dangerous to a pig. How does this scale up to 
a larger predator?

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