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RE: new BBC program(me)

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> John R. Hutchinson
> I've also been working with these folks and so far they seem better than
> most dino-documentaries; at least interested in the science (and
> ambiguities).
> One horror they're trying to avoid is the "Animal Face-off"-style show,
> e.g., the elephant vs. rhino battle that was shown in the US a year or so
> ago, and bombed in a major way. Glad there was a 30-ft pole between me and
> that one. Sad (although unsurprising) to hear that the Discovery
> Channel USA
> has not learned its lesson, although BBC folks here say they have. Hoping
> this dino one is much better; not hard to do.
I can add to this as well. The focus at one point was DEFINITELY going to be
on mechanical models doing nasty things to hunks of butcher's material
(guess which large theropod skull and small theropod pedal digit II I was
supposed to help out on... :-), but the BBC version (at least) will focus
more on other aspects of functional anatomy and inferred behavior.

Sadly, although the producer was out here in June, he didn't film then.
Otherwise, you could hear the buzz of the Brood X Magicicada in the

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