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RE: Senter et al. 2004 impressions

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

While I'm not sure if I agree Incisivosaurus and Protarchaeopteryx are
sister taxa, note that they were run as a single OTU, and relevant taxa like
Avimimus and Nomingia were not included.

Therizinosaurs are also not included, and these could be important since the skull of _Incisivosaurus_ in many ways looks like a cross between _Erlikosaurus_ and _Caudipteryx_.

Senter et al. also have a discussion of support for neoflightless
dromaeosaurids.  Of the five characters they examine, at least three seem
ill-suited for a judgement based on parsimony when other characters are not
taken into account.  These are asymmetrical remiges, enlarged humeral
diameter and elongate penultimate pedal phalanges.

Something I had overlooked: The distal displacement of metatarsal I, a character associated with climbing (scansoriality), is also seen in _Bambiraptor_, as well as microraptorians and birds.


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