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Re: Senter et al. 2004 impressions

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

True.  Senter et al.'s dissertation includes Avimimus and three segnosaurs
however, and (though with a different character set) segnosaurs are basal
arctometatarsalians and Avimimus the sister clade to Oviraptoridae.

So the Oviraptorosauria+Therizinosauroidea clade falls apart? Is _Beipiaosaurus_ included in the analysis?

Segnosaurs as arctometatarsalians...? As remarked upon previously, troodontids and therizinosauroids share quite a similar dentition. If alvarezsaurids are included in this clade, along with segnosaurs and bullatosaurs, then what we end up with is a major clade of non-hypercarnivorous maniraptoriforms (assuming troodontids were omnivorous).

A small nit-pick- Senter et al.'s Dromaeosauridae
is Padian et al.'s (1999), so would exclude Bambiraptor if the topology was
(Micro(Bambi(Veloci,Drom))).  Good observation though.  Parsimony is a
fickle mistress... or something to that effect.

I think it's worth noting _Bambiraptor_ is not coming out as sister taxon to _Saurornitholestes_. For a while there was a suggestion that the two might be synonymous. I think this was wishful thinking on the part of those (myself included) who despised the name _Bambiraptor_ and wanted to see it buried as a junior synonym of _Saurornitholestes_. :-) But at least it seems we can kiss goodbye to _Cryptovolans_.

A final note: I wonder what impact _Omnivoropteryx_ will have on maniraptoran phylogeny, especially vis-a-vis the topology of basal oviraptorosaurs?


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