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Saying good-bye to the Big Guy "Gojira: Fainaru uôzu"

Well... I am very sad... Even depressed... Toho is shelving Godzilla for at 
least a decade or two. Their wishes are to retire him from this generation. 
But, before doing so, they are going out with a seriously large bang and 
releasing "Gojira: Fainaru uôzu", "Godzilla: Final Wars" on December 4th (No 
word yet on an American release, but the goal is for a world-wide screening).

The movie is being hailed as the climax to the series... the best saved for the 
50th anniversary of the Big Guy's first appearance. It's the creme de la creme 
of the series. Akira Takarada, who stared in the first film as Hideto Ogata, 
along with other veterans from the series, star in the movie. It is directed by 
Ryuhei Kitamura, who is the hottest Japanese filmmaker in Hollywood.

To say the very least, I get chills up my spine thinking about who the movie is 
going to feature. It is jam packed with grown men in monster suits... There are 
over 10 monsters, including a slimmed down and faster Godzilla. Of these 10, 
over half haven't been seen since before the early 70s. My two all time 
favorites are back... Gigan and the smog monster Hedorah... not to mention the 
real Son of Godzilla, Minilla (Minya). Rodan makes an appearance, as does 
Mothra, King Seesar(Caesar), and even Anguirus(Angilas). And guess who else is 
making a return to the big screen... Those pesky aliens from Planet X are back. 
And, they are once again bringing with them, Monster X... Of course, this has 
always been the 3 headed golden dragon, King Ghidorah. In this movie, he's 
re-imagined with a little bit of an H. R. Giger twist, and eventually becomes 
Kaiser Ghidorah later on in the film. Oh, and "Final Wars" doesn't just mean a 
battle torn Japan. It's a world war... Sydney (the director's
 second home) for example, is completely destroyed in the climaxing battle. 
This also happens to be the very first Godzilla movie that was shot on location 
(New York City for example). Also, ILM apparently helped with the digital 

Another thing worth mentioning is that starting the 19th of October, Sony (who 
bought the American film rights) is releasing a slew of the old and the new 
movies on DVD... with box sets to follow. About friggn' time.

But you know what the best part is when it comes to the new movie??? It is 
something that many, including myself and quite a few on the list, have been 
waiting to see since the late 90s. Watch the clip... You'll figure it out. 


Here's the movie's official site:

For me, this is really going to be a bitter sweet good-bye to the Big Guy.