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Re: primers, and South American dinosaurs

--- John Bois <jbois@umd5.umd.edu> wrote:

> There was an SVP presentation about Romanian
> dinosaurs whose disappearance
> had previously been believed to indicate the
> extinction event.  Now it
> appears they disappeared earlier due to other
> causes. 

  IIRC the Sinpetru beds are now considered early/mid
Maastrichtian instead of late Maastrichtian. I don't
know if the Romanian taxa disappeared earlier just
becase the Sinpetru record terminates well before the

 Does anyone know
> how reliably all the SA Upper Cretaceous fossils are
> dated?

 I don't know on what basis the Yacoraite, El Molino
or Marilia are considered late Maastrichtian. 

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