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re: Two pterosaur articles in tomorrow's Nature

Looks like the real deal. Twice.

Still trying to unscramble the Chinese find to see what it is.

Now let's talk about that earlier anurognathid in the egg. The Mexican
"Dimorphodon" described by Clark  et al. back at the end of the last
century nests within the basal anurognathids. It's the largest of its
kind by a few magnitudes and thus lays open the possibility that the
first Chinese pterosaur in the egg was laid by a similarly oversized
anurognathid. Could go either way with present data.

Science marches on. Pterodaustro laid an egg.

It is possible, but rare at best, that oviparity can be derived from
viviparity, according to some recent cladistic analyses involving extant
lizards. Best not to close one's mind to outre possibilities.

Very exciting news and congratulations have already been sent to Luis
and his team.

David Peters
St. Louis