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Unaysaurus tolentinoi - new Brazilian sauropodomorph

Leal, L.A., Azevedo, S.A.K., Kellner, A.W.A., and Da Rosa, A.A.S. (2004) A new early dinosaur (Sauropodomorpha) from the Caturrita Formation (Late Triassic), Parana Basin, Brazil. Zootaxa 690: 1-24

This critter comes from the Carnian-Norian, and the specimen includes a nearly complete skull, plus postcranial elements. _Unaysaurus_ was a biped, about 2.5m long. Apparently it's most closely related to the European _Plateosaurus_. The name _Unaysaurus_ comes from the indigenous tupy word "unay" ("Black Water"), in reference to Agua Negra (Black Water), the Portuguese name for the region where the fossils were found.

Yahoo has a report on this new dinosaur.