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Re: Metatheria (was Re: Declining pterosaur diversity)

<<I'll sometime write an Internet page on the problems with that paper.>>

I'm sure Case, Goin & Woodburne (2004) will be honoured.  I try to avoid
reaching even tentative conclusions on the systematics of mammals, seeing as
they'd have no worth.  Other people are much better equipped to discuss the
cusps and ridges of upper molars.  I take a modicum of satisfaction from
being able to spot the ectoflexus on the external side of the tooth.

With details which might be termed bookkeperish, the proof-reading could
certainly have been better.  If you going to establish a new genus, it's a
good idea to get the name correct in the description.  Every time I read
Hatcheria, (rather than Hatcheritherium), I had to recheck what the genus
was actually called.  Preoccupation can obviously happen to anyone, but so
can proof-reading.  I think the genus is wrong more often than right.  For
historical context, it would also have been a good idea to indicate John
Bell Hatcher not only collected the fossils, but did so in the nineteenth

They were much more consistent with the spelling of Alphadon rhiaster.
Unfortunately, everybody else appears to prefer A. rhaister.  Details,