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Re: ptero egg questions.

1. Does the fact that 3 out of 3 pterosaur eggs are nearly full term and
a much smaller percentage out  of thousands of dinosaur eggs tell us

2. Does the fact that 3 out of 3 pterosaur eggs are singletons while
thousands of dinosaur eggs are not tell us anything?

Nope. Firstly, the sample size is far too small. Secondly, the currently only way to recognize a pterosaur egg as such is to find a recognizable embryo inside; this could be part of the reason why the sample size is so small. (The other is that soft shells just don't fossilize normally.)

3. Does the relatively thin shell of pterosaurs tell us anything?

That they're not dinosaurs. Ô surprise. But I've read conflicting statements on crocodile eggshell. It looks like lacking a hard eggshell (as in the Chinese eggs) is inconsistent with being an archosaur...

Functionally, soft-shelled eggs can (and do) take up lots of water from their surroundings. Sort of like in Jurassic Park, where *Velociraptor* eggs have hard shells but are treated much like lizard or turtle eggs.