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RE: New tyrannosaur articles

Nick Pharris (npharris@umich.edu) wrote:

<And was then lost in the basalmost members of all three groups?  Hmmm...>

  In the Bayesian constraint, Snively et al. used the Theropod Working
Group's analysis (Clark et al. 2002), which places all arctomet taxa apart
from one another, so that none form a closely monophyletic clade except
*Avimimus* with Caenagnathidae. Otherwise, Tyrannosauroidea is basal to
Ornithomimosauria + Aves, Ornithomimosauria is basal to Alvarezsauridae +
Birds, and Alvarezsauridae is basal to Oviraptorosauria + Aves. The
presence of the arctomet did not alter the other phylogenies under the
constraint, and the support for nodes did not change. But this does show a
more functional relationship between the development and subsequent nature
of the arctomet and the Troodontidae, Ornithomimosauria, and
Tyrannosauroidea, suggesting these features can be added to the analyses
to test for their relationship.


  Clark, J. M., M. A. Norell, and P. J. Makovicky. 2002. Cladistic
approaches to the relationships of birds to other theropod dinosaurs. pg.
31-61 in Chiappe, L. M. and L. M. Witmer (eds.) _Mesozoic Birds:
Above the Heads of Dinosaurs_. (Berkeley: University of California


Jaime A. Headden

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