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Re: Solved (Re: T rex & smell)

The purpose of the well-developed olfactory bulbs on a dino herbivore was

to facilitate the location of the closest marijuana fields and to zero-in
on any nearby sources of opium-producing plants.

Cretaceous Cannabaceae? (Johnson) type specimens: YPM 6203, YPM 6204, YPM

Cretaceous member of the poppy family: _Palaeoaster inquirenda_(Smith).
TYPE. YPM-6131

YPM = Yale-Peabody Museum specimen numbers.

Clearly, _T. rex_ was a lazy scavenger, and ornithopods were a bunch of
Mesozoic druggies.  A modern analog for this paleoecosystem is a college
fraternity house.  All artistic reconstructions of both Cretaceous
landscapes and dinosaurs should use a color scheme that Jerry Garcia
would have approved of.  Tie-dyed color patterns for dino integument
would be appropriate.

<pb> (who has personally witnessed intoxicated bluejays flying into the
sides of barns after they ate fermented berries.

The common mynah birds in Hawaii do the same thing when the guava fruit falls and ferments on the ground. I have personally witnessed a mynah
staggering across the hiway with one wing high in the air for balance and staggering badly. One mynah whose family lived in a hole in the wall of my house
would barge in drunk at sunset, crashing into tree branches and things. When he finally found the nest, Mama would really give him hell and loud, too.

There is a high body count among the mynahs at that season, as you cannot avoid a bird who insists on flying into the grill of your car. Messy!

Jack Blue