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Info on some less well known taxa

Hello all,

I wonder if anyone has information on some less well
known taxa. 

1) what's the state of 'Anikososaurus and A.dawini"
(Martinez and Novas, n nuda). I saw this name several
times on the net, maybe even in print ( though I'm not
sure).  has it been officially named yet?

2) Heilongjiangosaurus and H. jiayinensis (Li and Jin,
2001), same as above. is it a nomina nuda?

3) I recently encounted a copy of the following
co-authored paper on the internet.  I'm wondering what
is the full and correct referrence/citation for it. 
It's a short 'abstract-type' of paper on the
biodiversity of Late Masstrichtian dinosaurs for the
Catastrophic events symposium. The infomation at the
top of the paper says: BIODIVERSITY OF LATE
Laurent1, 1Musée des Dinosaures, GIS Paléontologie et
Sédimentologie continentales, 11260 Espéraza, France

4) Luticosaurus and L....... (Le Loeuff)? Does anyone
know the species name and the reference for the "type'

5) Does anyone know the reference for Huaxiasaurus Rey
2002 ?

6) who named amphicoelias in 1877?

7)who was the FIRST PERSON to use Dryosauridae?

8) I've noted a long time a ago that "Kunmingosaurus
wudingensis" was mentioned in Chao, 1985. Though now i
can't recall where i noted this from. Does anyone know
the full reference for Chao 1985. Is Kunmingosaurus

9) Hunwulosaurus (nomina nuda) popped up on the net
several months ago. Has it been published yet, or
under a different name?

10) does anyone have information on Limaysaurus?
(Describer, location, material and the citation). is
it nomina nuda?

11) any info on "Luanpingosaurus jinghanensis"?

12) any info on "Nurosaurus qaganensis"?

13) what are the citations for papers where these taxa
were named: Stygivenator, Piveteasaurus, Paralititan?

14) I came across a pdf file and after opening it up,
i found the paper was in chinese, with the english
title `The dinosaur fossils of Gansn'. it's 6 pages
long, so i assumed it was part of a longer paper or
just a catalogue. Is it supposed to part of a longer
paper? Does anyone know the Author/publisher? Date?
Reference citation?

Sorry about the long message, any help would be



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