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RE: Comments on Dinosauria II

Darren Naish wrote:

>And is _Quilmesaurus_ really
>Avetheropoda incertae sedis (as listed on p. 77)? Kellner
>and Campos (2002) regarded it as an abelisauroid - surely
>this is closer to the mark?

Juárez Valieri et al. (2004) regarded _Quilmesaurus_ as an indeterminate
carnotaurine with no valid autapomorphies. Indeed, they treated
_Quilmesaurus_ as a nomen dubium.
Translating part of the abstract, they justified the inclusion of this genus
in Abelisauridae in the basis of the marked distal expansion of the cnemial
crest and the asymmetrical distal end of the tibia. Carnotaurine characters
include distal part of cnemial crest downturned.
Incidentally, his analysis included a new theropod still undescribed:
"Ekrixinatosaurus novasi".

Juárez Valieri, R.D.; Fiorelli, L.E. & Cruz, L.E. 2004. Quilmesaurus curriei
Coria, 2001. Su validez taxonómica y relaciones filogenéticas. XX Jornadas
Argentinas de Paleontología de Vertebrados (La Plata), Resúmenes: 36-37.


Matías Soto