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RE: Info on some less well known taxa

1) what's the state of 'Anikososaurus and A.dawini"
(Martinez and Novas, n nuda). I saw this name several
times on the net, maybe even in print ( though I'm not
sure).  has it been officially named yet?

Nope. Still a nomen nudum. In general, nomina nuda are a real nuisance, since they are often mistaken for real genera and species and generate unneeded confusion as a result.

2) Heilongjiangosaurus and H. jiayinensis (Li and Jin,
2001), same as above. is it a nomina nuda?

Still a nomen nudum. May be the the same as the hadrosaur named _Charonosaurus jiayinensis_. That's the problem with nomina nuda - as they are not attached to any specimens, often we can't be sure what specimen(s) the author had in mind when he/she coined the name.

4) Luticosaurus and L....... (Le Loeuff)? Does anyone
know the species name and the reference for the "type'

This is a misspelling of _Iuticosaurus_, a new genus name given by LeLoeuff (1993) for the Wealden sauropod _Titanosaurus valdensis_. Named after the Jutes, a Germanic tribe that reached England. _Iuticosaurus valdensis_ is probably a nomen dubium, since the type material does not appear to be diagnostic at the species level.

5) Does anyone know the reference for Huaxiasaurus Rey 2002 ?

"Huaxiasaurus" is another nomen nudum - though at least we can be fairly sure that this is the same theropod that was subsequently described under the name of _Huaxiagnathus_.

6) who named amphicoelias in 1877?

E.D. Cope.

9) Hunwulosaurus (nomina nuda) popped up on the net
several months ago. Has it been published yet, or
under a different name?

Another wretched nomen nudum, AFAIK.

10) does anyone have information on Limaysaurus?
(Describer, location, material and the citation). is
it nomina nuda?

"Limaysaurus" was a proposed new genus name for the South American _Rebbachisaurus tessonei_. AFAIK, it's still called _Rebbachisaurus tessonei_, even though it may not belong in the same genus as the type, _R. garasbae_ from Morocco.

11) any info on "Luanpingosaurus jinghanensis"?

12) any info on "Nurosaurus qaganensis"?

Both nomina nuda.

13) what are the citations for papers where these taxa
were named: Stygivenator,

Grrrr.... don't get me started on that genus.


Smith et al. (2001) Science 292: 1704-1706.