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Cerritosaurus pix/ref request

Dear List:

Ralph Chapman mentioned one of these refs a while back. 

I am looking for pix of post-cranial material of Cerritosaurus, if available. 
Also, it would be great to see that snout.

Also, can someone provide Dornelles email address?

Cerritosaurus binsfeldi Price 1946 e Chanaresuchus sp. 
(Thecodontia,Proterosuchia,Cerritosauridae)da F rmacao Santa Maria, Triassico 
do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul,Brasil.Institute de Geociências,Universidade 
Federal do Rio Grande do Sul,M.Sc.Thesis,81p.

Barberena, M.C., J.E.F. Dornelles. 1998. A new morphological configuration of 
the skull and lower jaw of Cerritosaurus binsfeldi Price, 1946 after  the 
elimination of distortions caused by taphonomic processes. Anais da Academia 
Brasileira de Ciencias 70(3):469-476.

Thanks. This could be exciting.

David Peters
1247 Highland Terrace
St. Louis, MO  63117-1712