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RE: Comments on Dinosauria II [Triceratops]

Darren Naish wrote: 

> In view of Forster (1996) I was a bit surprised to see
> _Triceratops prorsus_ sunk into _T. horridus_ by Dodson et
> al. (p. 496). 

Forster was just as surprised.

> However, given that Forster herself was second
> author I suppose this means goodbye _T. prorsus_ for real:
> the text on p. 507 implies that she caved in to Lehman's
> arguments.

Cathy is very much still a 2-species advocate (and gave her blessing to
reiterate this to the list). The taxon list for the ceratopsids was not
generated by her, so some viewpoints may differ from her opinion (or the
true opinion of any of the chapter's authors).