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RE: T rex & smell

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> Jordan Mallon
> > > For example, the size of tyrant olfactory lobes might simply be
> > > allometric: it could well be that ALL large theropods wind up with
> > > those suckers. Until more giant theropods are scanned (Acro,
> > > Carcharodonto, etc.) and published, it will be difficult to say.
> The Carcharodontosaurus endocast has been scanned and published. 
> Don't remember off-hand any of the details relating to the relative
> sizes of the olfactory lobes, though.
> See:
> Larsson, H.C.E. et al.  2000.  Forebrain enlargement among nonavian
> theropod dinosaurs.  20: 615-618.
> And Hans Larsson's paper in Mesozoic Vertebrate Life.
Unfortunately, that scan begins towards the posterior end of the olfactory 
lobes, so we don't have the total volume. 

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