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Re: SVP 2004 (Saturday, and the PARTY)

"Jaime A. Headden" reported:
>   Tom Holtz presented on guild structure in theropods: you have what has
> been described as a taxonomic reduction in the Late Cretaceous of
> theropods in some size ranges, but this seems to have actually been
> adapted by ontogenetic variability in large theropods, filling in the
> middle-sized theropod range, and thus potentially taking advantage of prey
> of all size-ranges available. There was nothing too small or too big that
> a *Tyrannosaurus rex* could not process, essentially, dependant only on
> it's phase of life. Segregation of earlier theropods into large and medium
> and small sizes were replaced by an absence of medium-sized taxa, replaced
> by the subadult tyrannosaurs apparently.

I've been suggesting this for years:



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