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Re: Metaves and Coronaves

David Marjanovic wrote:

The clade which includes all but the hoatzin does have a bootstrap of a bit over 50. (Which is why I wondered whether the proposed morphological synapomorphies of hoatzin + seriemas could be neoavian synapomorphies.)

I think you mean "neoavian plesiomorphies" here. I get your drift though. The idea that seriemas and hoatzins are closely related (and to phorusrhacoids too) is not new, and has been proposed by Mourer-Chauvire and Olson. For example, the carpometacarpus of these birds shows similarities. Olson (1985) put forward a New World clade that includes all of these birds, plus a group of raptors called the caracaras (Polyborinae - almost always put in the Falconidae).