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Re: Metaves and Coronaves

The clade which includes all but the hoatzin does have a bootstrap of a bit
over 50. (Which is why I wondered whether the proposed morphological
synapomorphies of hoatzin + seriemas could be neoavian synapomorphies.)

I think you mean "neoavian plesiomorphies" here.

Good that you remind me. We're both wrong -- and I've misused all those terms very often on this list. <cursing Hennig> I mean neoavian apomorphies here. Only two or more clades together ( = "syn") can have synapomorphies. Neoavian plesiomorphies are those that Neoaves has retained from its ancestors, in other words apomorphies of Neognathae, Neornithes or larger clades.

Time to go to bed (quarter past midnight).