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Re: Did E. D. Cope meet G. A. Custer shortly before the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876?

The version I've got has them both in Montana in 1876.  Cope is reputed to
have been near an encampment of a couple of thousand Crow.  An armed party
arrived and he entertained the visitors by repeatedly removing his dentures.
Custer bared his teeth at the Sioux and growled fiercely.  This behaviour
was less well received and the 7th Cavalry became extinct.

(The Crow and Sioux weren't on good terms at the time.)

The 1925 AMNH expedition to Mongolia also featured an unusual method of
interaction with local people.  Among the complicating factors were: armed
anti-Bolshevik Russian militias; the Bolshevik takeover of the Mongolian
government; armed tribes in large tracts of the country, especially towards
the Chinese border; and the backwash of the disintegration of China.  This
was a case of chronic bad timing.

At one stage a group of armed horsemen arrived on the scene.  While also
interested in collecting, fossils weren't among their interests.
Circumstances were dangerous, so it was obviously a job for either Superman
or a Curator of Prehistoric Archaeology.  (The expedition was supposed to be
looking for early people, so hindsights shows they really shouldn't have
gone to Mongolia at all.)  Superman was unable to get his underpants over
his trousers in time, so the Curator came to the fore.  Impressed by the
magical powers of Nels C Nelson, the horsemen took fright and fled.

I forgot to mention.  Nelson had a glass eye, and they didn't like the way
it glared at them when waved around in the air.