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Re: Merry Christmas to all and 220th Anniversary of pterosaur discovery

Hopefully, I can rescue Jane's post from the FORBIDDEN ZONE and save 

Jdhexen@aol.com writes: 

<< Buckland commented in his Bridgewater Treatise  1837   "the structure of 
these animals is so exceedingly anomalous that the first discovered 
was considered by one naturalist to be a bird, by another as a species of 
and by a third as a flying reptile."  He goes on to comment that Cuvier 
figures out what the animal should be as to classification, although Buckland 
mention who the others were.  
See Volume I  Section VIII pp. 221-222  I used the Elibron reprint series, 
but I think the pagination equates with original editions.     Ok 
out there, who were the its a bird, its a bat guys? Jane Davidson >>