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Re: The most important fossil discovery in 2004 (your opinions?)

Vladimír Socha wrote-

> I wonder which fossil discovery of (almost) passed year would be the best
candidate for the title. Very
> probably _Homo floresiensis_, as the implications of this find could
change the view of our own evolution. > But what about dinosaur discoveries?
_Dilong paradoxus_? _Mei long_? _Rugops primus_? _Unaysaurus > tolentinoi_?
Something else? I'd like to know your opinions.

I think Dilong is far more novel than any of the others listed.  Other basal
tyrannosauroids are known from much less complete remains AND this clinched
the debate on whether basal tyrannosaurs had feathers.  Unaysaurus is an
unremarkable prosauropod, Rugops is one of many fragmentary abelisaurs, and
Mei is very similar to Sinovenator but in the same position as

Mickey Mortimer
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