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Re: Quakes Shift Whole Island Of Sumatra...

The revised depth is 30Km or 18.6 miles deep today and the magnitude is currently set at 9.0 according to the USGS http://earthquake.usgs.gov/recenteqsww/Quakes/usslav.htm
Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming

On Dec 29, 2004, at 7:39 AM, David Marjanovic wrote:

The 9.0-magnitude quake struck 6 miles beneath the ocean

I thought it was 8.9 (isn't 9.0 about, like, half again as strong as 8.9?), and I thought it was 25 km = 15.6 miles beneath the surface?

The quake shoved the entire
island of Sumatra about 100 feet to the southwest.

Incredible indeed. But it's the expected direction. Subduction in one huge jump...

I wonder when we'll hear anything about Australia or Madagascar, let alone the Nicobar and Andaman islands? And is the Malacca Strait shallow enough to have stopped the wave before Singapore -- which is sort of at the end of the funnel?

Oh, uh... dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! I agree that *Dilong* is the most "important" discovery of the year. *Rugops* does deserve some mention for being Africa's first named abelisaur, but that's it.