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Re: Quakes Shift Whole Island Of Sumatra...

David Marjanovic wrote:

Oh, uh... dinosaurs. Dinosaurs! I agree that *Dilong* is the most "important" discovery of the year. *Rugops* does deserve some mention for being Africa's first named abelisaur, but that's it.

You must mean mainland Africa - don't forget two abelisaurs have been named from Madagascar: _Majungasaurus_ and _Majungatholus_, though only the latter is currently considered a valid genus. As abelisauroids, _Deltadromeus_ and _Masiakasaurus_ might also be considered African abelisaurs.

As for _Dilong_ being the most important paleo discovery of 2004 - no argument on that one. My nomination for 2003 was _Microraptor gui_, the "four-winged" dromaeosaur.

I wonder when we'll hear anything about Australia or Madagascar, let alone the Nicobar and Andaman islands?

Australia appears to be safe (*touch wood*). Also, most of the Indian Ocean coastline of Australia has an extremely low population density.