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Re: Quakes Shift Whole Island Of Sumatra...

You must mean mainland Africa -

I mean Africa in the (palaeo)biogeographical sense. Which means Madagascar doesn't count, it's Outer Gondwana.

As abelisauroids, _Deltadromeus_ and _Masiakasaurus_
might also be considered African abelisaurs.

Oops, *Deltadromeus*... I restrict to "abelisaurid", which is what I actually meant. :-)

I wonder when we'll hear anything about Australia or Madagascar, let alone
the Nicobar and Andaman islands?

Australia appears to be safe (*touch wood*).

I've just read "one infant has been swept out to sea".

The Andamans weren't hurt much, but the Nicobars haven't even been reached yet.