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Re: Quakes Shift Whole Island Of Sumatra...

According to my handy dandy little reference, "Readers Digest Pathfinder
Earthquakes and Volcanoes", Each step on the Richter Scale represents a
tenfold increase in severity.  That means that magnitude 7 is ten times
stronger than magnitude 6, 6 is ten times stronger than magnitude 5, and 5
is ten times stronger than magnitude 4.
Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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> Allan Edels <edels@msn.com> wrote:
> David:
> The initial reports said it was an 8.9 magnitude, but later reports have
> as a 9.0 (tieing a Russian quake [Kamchatka?] for the 4th strongest known
> recorded earthquake). The scale is logarithmic which means that a 9 is 10
> times more powerful than an 8. [But I really didn't need to tell you
that -
> that's just for our viewers :-) ].
> >I thought it was 8.9 (isn't 9.0 about, like, half again as strong as
> >and I thought it was 25 km = 15.6 miles beneath the surface?
> Does a magnitude of 9 in earthquakes mean 10 times or 2 times as strong as
an earthquake with magnitude of 10. I would appreciate a reference, if I am
wrong. I thought it was a natural log. . . like e or whatever. I admit
hereby my ignorance. I fairly ignorant about deenos, as my posts have made
plain, but I am out of my league with earthquakes, other than seismos is gk
for earthquake, or just quake, which is my point.
> Thanks for the jawboning. To be able to celebrate New Year's for the
fourth time in the last four months and with you deeno lovers is my greatest
discovery, else I would not not of the discoveries that you all have shared
with me. Again many thanks.  Marc Bauer
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