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For the artists: Fuertes Revisited

Back in 1926/1927 the great American bird-painter, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, 
participated in an expedition to Ethiopia (then Abyssinia). His field studies 
watercolor were reproduced in several publications. Unfortunately, these were 
among the last of Fuertes' works, as shortly after returning home to Ithaca, 
N.Y., Fuertes was killed when his car was struck at a railroad grade crossing. 
The Ethiopian studies were in the car, but were thrown free in the collision 
and were saved. The website below has several superb examples. Often when I see 
dinosaur restorations I find that the depiction of the eyes is often the 
weakest part. Fuertes was the master of the subtleties of depicting avian eyes 
these images serve as an especially good lesson in how to do it. DV