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Need 2002 Hall article on SE Asia plate tectonics

I just reallized that I don't need the geology library at UT to be open
since the article below, which must be excellent since two people have now
referred me to it, is available online.

Unfortunately it is available online to those with a subscription or those
whose libraries subscribe to a database that carries it.

I have a texshare ID for the state library, but the databases they subscribe
to don't include this article.

I can get access to the article online at any UT library, and some of them
are open 9 to 4:30 or something this week, which means I could run right
down there and get it - if it werent 3 PM the day before New Year's Eve, and
if I didn't have a REALLY bad cold.

I can't get the hard copy journal at all; the latest year UT subscribed to
was 2000.

If someone can get electronic access to it, through their university library
online access or something, could you please e-mail it to me.

The article is a long one, and the pdf file is probably big.

Thanks alot!

> Hall, R. (2002). Cenozoic geological and Plate
> Tectonic Evolution of SE Asia and the SW Pacific:
> Computer Based Reconstructions, Models and Animations.
> Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 20(4): 431p.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas