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Re: Hoatzin & Archaeopteryx

David Marjanovic wrote:

The name Archaeopterygidae exists. It just wasn't used for decades because it was thought to contain nothing but Archie itself.

Archaeopterygidae is still used in Linnaean hierarchial classifications, which typically included redundant suprageneric names (e.g, Archaeopterygidae, Archaeopterygiformes). In the 1980's, _Jurapteryx_ was thought by some researchers to be separate, thereby providing the Archaeopterygidae with an additional genus.

However, _Archaeopteryx_ still holds the honor as the oldest
undisputed bird.

If we define "bird" in a way that potentially includes dromaeosaurs and probably oviraptorosaurs... and if we can keep *Epidendrosaurus* out. Otherwise I don't agree with "undisputed". :-)

I'm not sure what you mean here. If "bird" is defined to include dromaeosaurs and oviraptorosaurs, _Archaeopteryx_ is still the oldest undisputed bird. I don't know of any others. As for _Epidendrosaurus_, you're assuming a Middle Jurassic age for this critter; I think this will change.