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Re: looking for a clear explanation of the earthquake

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(called a Euler pole -- pronounced "oiler" pole).

(Yes, but with "o" as in "odd", not as in "oil".)

Movement along the Sumatran fault

I forgot this one. Forget everything I said about strike-slip movement between the Sunda block and the Indian Ocean floor!!! India moves northeast, not straight north, so if there's a strike-slip fault, it must be confined to the northern tip of the Andaman arc. -- The block southwest of the fault that runs along the length of Sumatra is squished to the southwest by the Sunda block which is on the other side of the block.

Van Orman, J., Cochrane, J.R., Weissel, J.K., and Jestin, F. 1995. Distribution of shortening between the Indian and Australian plates in the central Indian Ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 133(1-2): 35-46. doi: 10.1016/0012-821X(95)00061-G

What, a subduction zone is developing there? ~:-|