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Re: The most important fossil discovery in 2004 (your opinions?)

At 2:04 PM -0800 12/30/04, Jaime A. Headden wrote:
>  In my opinion, however, whether human dwarfism or microcephalic
>dwarfism, *Homo floresiensis* has by far more of an impact in Paleontology
>than has had Dilong. The latter has had very little impact, even, in
>dinosaurian paleontology, as Mei has elicited far more press and
>conroversy on the subject of its existence than has *Dilong.*

I agree. Homo floresiensis rated much higher on the "gosh, wow" scale than 
Dilong because it was totally unexpected. Unexpected paleontological 
discoveries are important because they force serious rethinking and change our 
understanding of evolution and the past. Expected ones confirm existing 
theories; unexpected ones force us to develop new or more detailed hypotheses. 
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