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Bruhathkayosaurus notation

Goodevening Fellow DML Memebers :-)
My question regarding *Bruhathkayosaurus* DOES NOT concern it's size or classification.
Rather, I would simply like to know the proper, original date of the name (I understand that Chatterjee [1995] has contradicted Yadagiri & Ayyasami, making it a Titanosaurid Sauropod.)
Some sources say 1987, some say 1989, and I'd like to know which is the correct (or MORE right) version.
Or, is the notation a personal matter, depending on if you yourself regard it as a Sauropod, Theropod or a "Chunk of Wood?"
One further question, it is regarded as a Nomen Dubium, correct?
Thanks in advance,
Tommy Bradley

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