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Re: Crylophosaurus and Australia

Phil Hore wrote:
> My question is as Australia was connected to Antartica, what is the
> likelyhood of the Australian 'polar' Allosaur actually being related
> to crylophosaurus? Both continents were linked and only a foot bone
> has been found of the allosaur (I believe).

Age differences aside, what are the chances that only one lineage of
large(ish) theropod existed in Australia? Would you suggest that all
large theropod tracks in Australia (Tyrannosauropus, Megalosauropus)
were also made by cryolophosaur decendants too?

If there were several families of large theropod in ancient Oz (and
there probably were), then what's the likelyhood of any particular
theropod astragalus just happening to be part of a lineage spawned by
Cryolophosaurus in particular, as opposed by another of these theropod

The answer: not impossible, but extremely unlikely.


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