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Fukuiraptor, Chuandongocoelurus and Kaijiangosaurus

Three observations-

The ilium of Fukuiraptor (Azuma and Currie, 2000) doesn't look much like a
theropod ilium at all.  The pubic peduncle points too anteriorly, the
acetabulum is too long and shallow, the ischial peduncle is too narrow and
elongate, and there is no supracetabular crest.  I believe it resembles an
iguanodont pelvic element more.  The remains of Fukuisaurus are found in the
same quarry.  There are two ideas.
I thought it looked like a left iguanodont ilium.  The "ischial peduncle"
would be the pubic peduncle, the "pubic peduncle" would be the ischial
peduncle, and area immediately above it.  The small projection to the upper
left would be part of the preacetabular process.  This orientation resembles
Azuma and Currie's description of the ilium more, perhaps the wrong side was
accidentally written for the ilium's figure.
Compare to Iguanodon atherfieldensis in Naish and Martill 2001 (plate 18-3;
pg. 118).
Rutger Jansma's idea is that it could be an iguanodont pubis.  The "pubic
peduncle" would be the prepubic process, the "ischial peduncle" would be the
broken shaft, and the small upper left projection would be the ischial
peduncle.  Compare to Iguanodon atherfieldensis in Naish and Martill 2001
(plate 18-1; pg. 118).
I can send explanatory figures to those who want them.  What does everyone

Rutger found these online photos of the holotypes of Chuandongocoelurus and
He pointed out the presacrals of Chuandongocoelurus are too large for the
rest of the skeleton, and the femur of Kaijiangosaurus is too small for the
rest of its skeleton.  Looks like we have two chimaeras on our hands.

Mickey Mortimer