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Re: Crylophosaurus and Australia

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > Up to the Late Jurassic, at least, Australia
> > was still attached to Gondwana, which had all sorts of theropods-
> > ceratosaurs, carnosaurs, basal coelurosaurs, alvarezsaurids,
> > oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurs, etc..  And this diversity is just what we
> see
> > in Cretaceous Australia.
> Ceratosaurs, too?

Gondwanan pre-Cretaceous ceratosaurs?  Yes.  Elaphrosaurus and Ceratosaurus
from the Tendauguru at least.
If you meant Australian Cretaceous ceratosaurs, I blame my confusing
writing.  The groups I listed are not ALL seen in Cretaceous Australia
(lacking provable ceratosaurs and basal coelurosaurs), but we do see a large
diversity of taxa.

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

> <By the Late Jurassic, we have evidence for ceratosaurs (Elaphrosaurus,
> Ceratosaurus) and tyrannosauroids? (Tendaguru teeth) too.>
>   Let us not forget *Stokesosaurus clevelandi* (Morrison) and
> *Aviatyrannis  jurassica* (Guiamarota) [formerly *Stokesosaurus* sp.].

Let us not forget we're discussing Gondwana.  North America and Europe were
separated from Gondwana by that time.

Mickey Mortimer