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extinction 2

I wanted to  write fast therefore here you can find some short and general
comments only. I will make detailed answers later. 

1. I sent a pair of my article and Mr  Hore reply to the first one. He
didn't write any according my theory.
2. I wrote in my first article the following: "Certainly there are other
facts that we could bring up against this hypothesis but it is unnecessary
to introduce all of them for the confutation."

I reviewed 9 facts and Mr Hore answered to 5. I didn't find real answer
from my 3 points:
 - number 3: " Where are all these likewise particular fossils?" (
Carbonized fossils.)
- number 4. "Within a very short period of time (minutes, hours, days,
weeks based on the distance) a large amount of fossils should have been
produced in
high density. Where are these?"
- number 5. "The referred book wittily calls the effect 'volley firing'.
That is, the devastation would have depended neither on the age of the
living thing nor
on any other factor modifying the frequency of the death. In such a case,
young individuals would have died in the same way as the old ones, the
healthy ones, or the sick ones, etc. Have they found such unusual

I didn't get any answer of my point number 9: "The "evidence" proposed to
account for the theory's adequacy (just as I
have already proven it above in certain cases) is only useful to confirm
the fact of an impact and to demonstrate the location of it. But they do
not sate whether the impact indeed was as powerful as previously assumed?
Was it large enough to trigger such an effect?" 

Endre Simonyi    .