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Re: A Sibbick Treat

The best Dunkle! in my opinion...



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> I agree, this is one of John's most stunning paintings.  The detail and
> quality of mark making is outstanding.  This Dunkleosteus and many other
> classic Sibbick artworks are published in David Norman's book: Prehistoric
> Life, the rise of the vertebrates (Boxtree, 1994.  ISBN 1 85283 400 5).
> Recently John has been working hard on a couple of large book projects.
> those of us who like Sibbick art and want to see some new work the future
> holds some real treats!
> Bob
> www.paleocreations.com
> >A "must-see": John Sibbick's Dunkleosteus painting on the cover of the
> >"Prehistoric Times"magazine. Wow! DV
> >http://www.prehistorictimes.com/
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