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Re: Theropod taxonomy based only on shed teeth (Re: Dromaeosaur questions (lo...

In a message dated 1/4/2004 7:04:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bigelowp@juno.com writes:
< I didn't accomplish that, and I still think it would make an excellent
student project.  But assuming that the equation I used was correct 
(??), and that the number of possible character state combinations is
that huge, then it appears that most of the research would have to be
done using a computer with Excel, or with some other database program
capable of handling massive amounts of data.  Since many Windoze
computers come with Excel already installed, there would be little added
expense to the project.  (Of course, this assumes that Excel can handle
tens of millions of cells). >

According to Excel Help, the maximum worksheet size is 65,536 rows by 256 

<  The user input phase would be easy (a few
minutes of typing in the data, at best).  But the database program needs
the tens of millions of cells for the internal computations.>

>From Excel Help again:

*Maximum Limit*
Number precision                                                 15 digits 
Largest number allowed to be typed into a cell        9.99999999999999E307 
Largest allowed positive number                            
Smallest allowed negative number                          
Smallest allowed positive number                            2.229E-308 
Largest allowed negative number                            -1E-307 
Length of formula contents                                     1,024 
Iterations                                                             32,767 
Worksheet arrays Limited by available memory. Also, arrays cannot refer to 
entire columns. For example, an array cannot refer to the entire column C:C or 
to the range C1:C65536. However, an array can refer to the range C1:D65535 
because the range is one row short of the maximum worksheet size and does not 
include the entire C or D column. 
Selected ranges                                                  2,048 
Arguments in a function                                       30 
Nested levels of functions                                    7 
Number of available worksheet functions                329 
Earliest date allowed for calculation January 1, 1900 (January 1, 1904, if 
1904 date system is used) 
Latest date allowed for calculation                     December 31, 9999 
Largest amount of time that can be entered         9999:99:99