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Re: raul martin gallery update?

Mark Foster wrote:

> It is the gallery of everybody's favorite [joke] paleoartist, Raul Martin!

Why the [joke] part? Just that everyone assumes and sees his style matches
other artists and that he may have copied other artists' styles? Look at the
Dinosauricon, and you'll see artists who are downright ripping off the art
of HP Greg Paul and you don't hear anyone about those on the DML... So I
really don't understand this reaction... If you look at the art, there are
some obvious differences between the art of Raul Martin and Sibbick for
example , just look at the style the Iguanodon-scene is drawn, these aren't
Sibbick Iguanodons, these are Martin Iguanodons. The same effect of realism
is achieved, that's why they look alike. IIRC, other comparisons were made
with Doug Henderson, well, I don't know if you are familair with his work
when you wrote this down,  when it comes down to the texture of the animals
portrayed, the detail is higher in Martin's work in this website, though I
must admit, the background and settings are similair to that artist. Mark
Hallet, drawn in a style that always makes the dinosaurs cute :) Hallet's
paintings are a lot finer than these examples, which appear much more rough
of texture and finishing of the piece itself.

This has been my two cents,


Rutger Jansma