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Re: raul martin gallery update?

Its not just GSP's, Doug Henderson's, John Sibbick's and others' style and
techniques that Raul Martin is ripping off. Which for the record I don't
have a problem with per se, though an artist should try to develop a style
of his own. In some cases He copies the entire composition. For instance:

Doug Henderson's Diplodocus:
And Raul Martin's: http://www.dinosaurios.net/rama/rm_sale/rm_diplo01g.jpg

Except for the baby, the Allosaurs, and an upward curving tail they're
exactly the same. He even copies the Travelers Palm vegetation element. I
mean come on, that's like painting the Mona Lisa, giving her an evil  scowl
and a tiara then slapping your name on it and calling it original. I really
think that it goes a lot further than merely replicating a given style or
technique. National Geographic should have to pay royalties to Doug and the
other artists that were ripped off.


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> Mark Foster wrote:
> > It is the gallery of everybody's favorite [joke] paleoartist, Raul
> Why the [joke] part? Just that everyone assumes and sees his style matches
> other artists and that he may have copied other artists' styles? Look at
> Dinosauricon, and you'll see artists who are downright ripping off the art
> of HP Greg Paul and you don't hear anyone about those on the DML... So I
> really don't understand this reaction... If you look at the art, there are
> some obvious differences between the art of Raul Martin and Sibbick for
> example , just look at the style the Iguanodon-scene is drawn, these
> Sibbick Iguanodons, these are Martin Iguanodons. The same effect of
> is achieved, that's why they look alike. IIRC, other comparisons were made
> with Doug Henderson, well, I don't know if you are familair with his work
> when you wrote this down,  when it comes down to the texture of the
> portrayed, the detail is higher in Martin's work in this website, though I
> must admit, the background and settings are similair to that artist. Mark
> Hallet, drawn in a style that always makes the dinosaurs cute :) Hallet's
> paintings are a lot finer than these examples, which appear much more
> of texture and finishing of the piece itself.
> This has been my two cents,
> Cheers,
> Rutger Jansma