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Re: A Running Gojira

Although it was CONSIDERED a box office bomb, it wasn't.  It made quite a bit 
of money, it's just that everyone expected it to make quite a bit more.  I 
wished they got a chance to do the sequel, they wereplanning on having the 
"next" one include all the godzilla aspects that were "missing" from the first. 
 Plus, they wanted to do a giant, new rodan, which would have been the first 
really cool looking pterosaur/type thing done in hollywood(not ocunting the 
ones at the end of the Lost world...which looked totally different than the 
ones in JP3..which was weird.  

I'm wishing that Patrick T would get some more work ing the area of dinosaur 
animation/design.  His work was very original, if not geiger influenced(but 
hey, who isn't these days?).  

Weta did the Mumakil pretty nice, and I think dinosaurs will be eaiser than 
that.  King kong should be great.  Besides,t hey have liscense with the fossil 
record too.  If there are dinosaurs alive now, I sure hope they're different 
looking than anything we've dug up.