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Re: raul martin gallery update?

From: "fam jansma" <fam.jansma@tiscali.nl>

Why the [joke] part? Just that everyone assumes and sees his style matches
other artists and that he may have copied other artists' styles? Look at the
Dinosauricon, and you'll see artists who are downright ripping off the art
of HP Greg Paul and you don't hear anyone about those on the DML... So I
really don't understand this reaction...

True enough. But the Dinosauricon artists aren't being paid a bundle of money by National Geographic for their plagiarisms.
I'd be curious to hear from the "offended" artists about their thoughts on Raul Martin.
Back to school...

Jordan Mallon

Undergraduate Student, Carleton University
Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoecology

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