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Re: raul martin gallery update?

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From: Christopher Collinson <Chris_Collinson@monarch.net>
To: <fam.jansma@tiscali.nl>; DML <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 5:22 AM
Subject: Re: raul martin gallery update?

> Its not just GSP's, Doug Henderson's, John Sibbick's and others' style and
> techniques that Raul Martin is ripping off. Which for the record I don't
> have a problem with per se, though an artist should try to develop a style
> of his own. In some cases He copies the entire composition. For instance:
> Doug Henderson's Diplodocus:
> http://gallery.in-tch.com/~earthhistory/diplodocus-jurassic1.jpg
> And Raul Martin's: http://www.dinosaurios.net/rama/rm_sale/rm_diplo01g.jpg
> Except for the baby, the Allosaurs, and an upward curving tail they're
> exactly the same. He even copies the Travelers Palm vegetation element. I
> mean come on, that's like painting the Mona Lisa, giving her an evil
> and a tiara then slapping your name on it and calling it original. I
> think that it goes a lot further than merely replicating a given style or
> technique. National Geographic should have to pay royalties to Doug and
> other artists that were ripped off.
> Cheers,
> Christopher
    While I can certainly understand the point above,I see no problem with
say,an Iguanodon restoration done similar to John Sibbick's illustrations of
that species.For example if I were to illustrate a
Ceratosaurus,Struthiomimus, or Gorgosaurus properly,I would'nt be able to
help but make them similar to the illustrations of Gregory S.Paul.

John Bridgman