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Re: raul martin gallery update?

From: Christopher Collinson <Chris_Collinson@monarch.net> writes (I hope, I 
didn't get the original post):

<< > Its not just GSP's, Doug Henderson's, John Sibbick's and others' style 
> techniques that Raul Martin is ripping off. Which for the record I don't
> have a problem with per se, though an artist should try to develop a style
> of his own. In some cases He copies the entire composition. For instance:
> Doug Henderson's Diplodocus:
> http://gallery.in-tch.com/~earthhistory/diplodocus-jurassic1.jpg
> And Raul Martin's: http://www.dinosaurios.net/rama/rm_sale/rm_diplo01g.jpg
> Except for the baby, the Allosaurs, and an upward curving tail they're
> exactly the same. He even copies the Travelers Palm vegetation element. >>

       The "baby" is a tweaked version of Mark Hallett's juvenile 
Mamenchisaurus in his famous painting just to set the record straight. The 
allosaurs are 
very familiar, also. 
       I hope these are older works, because there are some truly gorgeous 
restorations at the website that appear to be original. The problem here is 
there is so much competition in the realm of dinosaur art (and so little 
money to be made) that blatant "swipes" are intolerable, especially when 
by an esteemed organization like National Geographic. DV. P.S. Even Burian 
did a "swipe" or two during the course of his illustrious carreer.