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Re: Diplodocus tooth occlusion

Jordan Mallon (j_mallon@hotmail.com) wrote:

<I'm just curious as to how the teeth of Diplodocus occlude.  Do the
mandibular teeth fit neatly within the upper jaw like in most theropods,
vice versa?  Do the teeth slot between one another?  Could the jaw close
all?  This is a question for which I DEMAND AN ANSWER!!!>

  According to Barrett and Upchurch's work on the diet of diplodocids,
premaxillary/maxillary teeth bear two sets of wear-facets, the dentary
one, which are arranged in a manner to suggest that the upper teeth had
"nipping" wear, and the lower dental occlussive wear, and that the lower
jaw, which exhibited protraction, fit entirely withing the upper, but the
teeth are hardly parallel to one another between jaws, but rather
distinctly angled, around 30 degrees or more.

Jaime A. Headden

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